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do you remember?
we use to talk for an hour..
talking about life, to life..
laugh to laugh.. jokes..
until we forget to go back home.. :)

Saturday, 30 October 2010

do you remember?
we were walking trough the autumn season..
many leaves fall into the ground..
step by step, you talk so much about your life..
so many things that we discussed..
we used to talk for an hour, maybe more...

do you remember?
when I was standing in front of you and I cried out loud?
the moment when I said "please stay, I need you"
that was the hardest thing I wanted to say from a long time ago..
under the big tree, with brown leaves..
..I shouted "you're stupid! how can you be stupid? I love you too much!!"
in that minutes, you're only stare at me..

without thinking anymore..
I hugged you and whisper "don't go..with who I'll play, telling story, laugh, until cry like this?"
"I only need you... I don't need another guy..
coz you're the one.. and the one is you..
nobody can replace..
Please don't go.."

this tear drops will end when you're here.. by my side...

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